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Religion and Art

6 Feb

Few days back a group of three young girls participated in a rock competition in Jammu & Kashmir(J&K) and were adjudged third best among all. Soon they started getting online threats which I thought might be action of few disgruntled bad losers but when the Grand Mufti issued a fatwa against the group, it was really shocking. He said that singing and dancing is “haraam”(sinful) in Islam. If it is sinful in Islam then why has he been silent for so many years when actors/actresses following Islam have been making waves in the whole world. With due respect sir, the top three superstars of our country are followers of Islam and I am sure most of other fellow Islamists would be proud of their success.

Poor girls would have thought that their hard work has finally paid off and that winning the show would make things easier for them. Little did they know that winning was probably the easiest part of struggle. Saw an interview of one of the members who said that since the grand Mufti didn’t like us performing, we have decided to disband. Being an artist(actor to be precise) I am sure it would have been the hardest sentence which came out of her mouth. I mean, I am yet to get a break and still can’t think of looking for any other career and here they are, the first taste of success has forced them to stop following their dreams.

Yesterday few members of a Hindu group went to an art gallery to shut it because the gallery was showing nude paintings and they got offended. I can understand if they were showing nude/controversial paintings of Gods/Prophets(of any religion) but simple nude paintings of men/women being hurtful for Hindus?????? Hindus have given the world masterpieces Khajuraho caves, the Kamasutra(which are much more graphic) to the world and now we are getting offended by simple nude paintings? Simply indigestible.

Before moving ahead I would like to clarify that yes, I do not endorse few paintings of  M. F. Hussain sir, I mean most of them were great work of art but not the nude God paintings. As it is said, WITH FREEDOM COMES HUGE RESPONSIBILITY. Those who support him, I would just ask one question… How many of us would like nude paintings of our own parents? Even if few of us won’t mind but majority will. Hence, we should stay away from Gods and Prophets. Religion can and must be discussed as the interpretation can vary from people to people but we should leave them, there are so many other things to paint, write songs or make movies about.

The biggest question which baffles me that despite both Hinduism and Islam having lunar calendars(that’s why none of our festivals like Eid, Diwali, Holi etc* fall on the same date in English calendar) how come we have Jumma on every Friday and Hindus have different Gods’ day on different English days? All religions have adopted so many things and that includes the hardliners too. I mean if Grand Mufti can use television to give interview, the mosques can use loudspeakers to announce the Namaz, the Hindu protesters can wear western dresses like shirt/trousers/jeans and these are the exceptions observed by a simple person like me(a learned one will find thousand more), then why can’t we allow people to sing, dance, paint the way they want(as long as they don’t insult Gods and Prophets).

Though I don’t endorse the word “RELIGIOUS LEADERS” as religion is too personal for me to be guided by others but since you all have self appointed yourself as leaders I would request you be like leaders. Please work to uplift the poor, exploited and downtrodden of our religions. Make our religion(and status people following it) become so good that other feel jealous of us and want to adopt our religion rather than making people who are following run away from it. In Hinduism(and I am sure something similar in Islam) we are told that nothing can happen without the will of God, so even if you feel that there are certain people who are breaking the rules, please remember that God wants them to do so(may be to punish them later and give example to rest of us that if we repeat this we are doomed). So, please stay away. When God didn’t stop them, who are we mere mortals????

*Makar sankranti and Vishwakarma Pooja do fall on almost same date every year but that is because one extra month added in Hindu calendar

Also, I must inform that I have equal respect for all religions. Since the day someone told me that 786 is an auspicious number, I have never used any currency note I landed up with. I have either gifted them to others or been pick pocketed in buses/trains. Rest I carry with me. In fact my purse has these notes, coins I got from Vaishno Devi and flowers which fell on me from Jesus’s procession. 🙂


The Juvenile Justice Act

4 Feb

Yes, this blog is about the juvenile act age but since its my first blog, I would take a para or two to say a little about myself so that readers don’t feel betrayed.

Though I had registered this Blog long back and was in two minds whether my blogs will find readers or not but a few days back a sweet human(whose blogs I read) told me that even I can write a blog so I thought I shall try my hand at it. Also, I guess its not my headache that I must write something nice, if at all it is, its the readers’ who might feel,”I wasted my five minutes on this shit.” In any case since its I am not face to face I am safe even if the readers want to tear my hair. Good luck to you all(and your hair)!!!!!

I registered this blog at the time of the first Lokpal agitations to write and though I registered it on my official email id but registered a pseudo name to avoid any attention but in the hind sight I guess its good that I didn’t make it totally anonymous(registered a Twitter handle too) else likes of Kapil Sibbal(I respect elders but not those who call everyone by name but have respect for a certain “Rahul ji”) would have said, “People write and run away”.

Last but the most important disclosure I must make is that I am very bad at remembering names and dates(yes, I have committed the crime which will send shivers down the spine of any male…I forgot my girlfriend’s birthday in the very first year of our togetherness). So, please excuse me if I forget the name of the person who said the words(can be the most famous people) or goof up with the dates.

I got this message on Whats App or BBM…

Teacher was teaching Mahabaratha to 5th std students. “Kans heard Devaki’s 8th son wud kill him. So he put Devaki & Vasudev in prison. 1st child was born. Kans killed it by poison. 2nd Kans killed by sword. 3rd was born n so on…

At this point a boy raised his hand for a doubt.

Teacher : What?

Boy : “If Kans knew that the 8th son wud kill him, why did he put Devaki & Vasudev in SAME jail?”
Teacher fainted !! 
Generation gap, but common sense !

The writer would have written it as a joke and its a decent one too(at least it made me smile) but if we read between the lines, there is a grave reality. Yes, in today’s era a 5th standard(or even younger) student knows whats needed to have kids.

The main reason behind this debate suddenly coming to the forefront is the 16th December Delhi rape case and a 17 year old guy being the main accused in it. So, let’s make it as a test case and move further.

I have seen umpteen number of discussions on TV where people are still defending the age to be 18 years. I really don’t understand in what day and age they are living that they think this demon can be reformed. I have never met any of these people but would like to ask them only one question. ARE THEY WILLING TO TAKE THIS GUY TO THEIR HOME ONCE HE IS OUT OF THE REFORM HOUSE AFTER SIGNING AN AFFIDAVIT THAT IF HE COMMITS ANY CRIME AGAIN THEY TOO SHALL BE TRIED AS A CO-ACCUSED IN THE CASE????

Read somewhere that people and societies who don’t change themselves with time are doomed. I guess this intellectual would have meant even the rules and laws should change with the time. If we look at simple things like using a personal computer, the age by which one learns how to use it properly is decreasing. I never knew anything about sex even after we were taught reproductive systems because I was just taught that sperm and ovum should meet but was never told how do they meet? While the smarter lot of my class too might have known the answer to this “Why” but me being a shy person, had no one to ask about it. In today’s time either people will be from the smarter lot who would have heard/seen and know the answer or they’ll be like me BUT now they don’t need to ask questions to any individual. There is GOOGLE to answer them or even the way today’s newspapers carry articles on rapes(even this 16th Dec case) or the new age cinema is more than enough to guide them. Yes, we do censor our cinema with A certificate but in a country in whose capital where a sight impaired person was given a driving license or main accused of 4000 crore Mr. Anil Bastawade got his passport renewed twice, one can understand how easy it is go and watch a A certificate movie even if one isn’t an adult.

While discussing about this, most of the supports of Juvenile Justice Act say that you mean to say that a kid who stole something out of lust or to feed himself should also be tried like an adult but I really don’t understand how much extra ink will it cost to add a few extra words in the act to make a rapist(along with murderers and terrorists) an exclusion in this act(whatever the amount is, it’ll be much lesser than Pratibha Patil’s foreign trips). Why do we always go to the extremes and play with the rule of everything or nothing? We can always have the exception of rape, murder and war against nation(even Kasab tried to prove himself a juvenile). Most of the countries have changed the age of juveniles with time but we are still stuck with 18. Today, with the news paper, TV, movies and internet’s help kids have become much smarter. Even toddlers ask us questions or make a comment which sometimes totally stump us. There was United Colors of Benetton ad which had condoms of different colors and was displayed at the main entrance of a shopping mall. While standing in the queue for security check, I heard a 2 year kid ask his dad what are these colorful balloons?

One more argument is that these cases happen because of bad parenting. Even if I agree to them, then the parenting norm is not going to change just like that. I am sure a harsher punishment will act as deterrent and an eye opener. When they know that they will loose their kids permanently, all parents will surely change their way of teaching their kids.

I hope the government and the juvenile act supporters take note of this change in the thinking of society and at least take crimes like rape, murder and war against nation out of the act. Also, I hope the government makes these crimes which attract minimum of life imprisonment otherwise going by the numbers of cases being reported, our nation will actually become A BANANA REPUBLIC for us MANGO PEOPLE and the words of one of the most “important” person of our country will come true.