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Hum aur AAP(Aam Aadmi Party)

17 Jan

When I was a kid and got to know that the Britishers ruled and exploited us for almost 200 years I wanted to take revenge. Then I got to know about UN(read in some senior’s book that it’s the most powerful organization) and since I didn’t have full knowledge, I hatched a plan to get in to UN, become its head and then ordering England to be ruled by India.

Slowly I realized my mistake but by then I was disturbed by the corruption and misrule (probably because my government employee parents’ problem because of wrong transfer of my mom) and got to know that in one Lok Sabha election 4-5 actors won. Since I too wanted to become an actor(still waiting for “the elusive break” 😉 ) , I hatched another plan. I will make a group of celebrities, one each from every Lok Sabha seat and probably the star stuck people will vote for at least ¾ of them and since these guys would be least interested in governing, I will bring in new laws and send all the corrupt people behind the bars .

Whenever I read/see something about Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) I am reminded of my dream. It has created a group of people from anywhere and everywhere, somehow managed to catch the fancy of Delhi’s electorate  and is now governing Delhi. These people are so diverse (and may be opportunist too) that they joined the party without even knowing what it is all about. Capt. Gopinath(Deccan Air) accepted that he didn’t read the manifesto before joining the party.

Most of my friends and family(my sister has funded it too) have been supporting AAP all along. Somehow, I never liked the idea of AAP. It said it is a different party but I didn’t find it any different from the existing parties. Like all others

  1. It plays religion card.

                 Muslims: Ending harassment by police and prosecution of Muslim youth in false cases, improving functioning of Delhi wakf                    board.

                Victims of 1984 Sikh massacre: Providing justice to victims of 1984 riots, re-opening wrongly closed cases, improving living                    conditions in areas like Tilak Nagar where many victims now live.

           I think it would have been better if they said we will make police accountable for any wrong detention why only muslims???

    2. It tries to woo people from castes

                 Scheduled Castes:  Ensuring SC component plans is spent on welfare schemes for SCs and reservations implemented;                        providing low or zero-interest loans for setting up their livelihood. 
                 Valmikis: Ending contractualisation in safai karamchari posts, providing educational and livelihood opportunities to help                        them find employment in fields other than those of safai karamcharis.

         This is the same thing which has been said since our independence. I would have preferred if they had said we would work                   towards the betterment of economically weaker sections. I have seen thousands of “upper caste” people who are living in worse           conditions than many SC/STs.

  3.  It will form government with anyone’s support etc. I wish I had recorded the conversation I had with the auto rickshaw guy one day        before election(I was in Delhi) where I said in the last AAP and Congress will form government.

  4.  It will take populists measures without thinking their effect on economy(it gave subsidies).

  5.  Make false promises. I have seen and heard Arvind Kejriwal saying, koi agar aapke beech se chun ke aata hai toh who aapke            beech mein hi rahega koi bunglow etc nahi lega.Now, everyone knows what he actually wanted. Though I have never heard about        car but I am sure he would said that too and that’s why he travelled in Metro for his swearing in.

  6.  They said they won’t behave like VIPs by not taking Laal Battis but I don’t know what will one say about the actions of Somnath              Bharti who stops movie screening, asks police to raid without search warrant(though I never understood how come media was present when he went for a surprise visit at 12am) and many more.

Arvind Kejriwal(AK) used to shout from roof top that I have 370 page report on Shiela Dixit and now he is the CM and yet no action. Interestingly when he was caught on the wrong foot demanding two adjacent duplexes he said, “Maine Delhi government ko bol diya hai mere liye koi chhoti jagah dhoondhe”. The “Junta Darbar” which he promised and now cancelled has been arranged by many other CMs have been doing for long.

AK and his colleagues keep saying words which mean everything and everyone in the government is corrupt. I wonder what they have to say about his wife who is still a government employee. Is she corrupt too or that rule doesn’t apply here??? Interestingly, my cousin got a call on his number a night prior to voting(guess well after campaign should end) to vote for AAP and the girl was as well a typical AAP member, cynical about everything except AAP and went on to say all the government jobs are already fixed and a common man doesn’t get it. I asked her then how come Arvind Kejriwal and his wife became IRS, she disconnected.

When Shiela Dixit was in government and Nirbhaya case happened it was her mistake and yesterday a foreigner was raped and all AK had to do is repeat her statement, “Delhi Police is not under us.” How does the goalpost keep changing? Kumar Vishwas has compared Narendra Modi to Lord Shiva who drinks all the poison to keep others safe. Prashant Bhushan says we should hold referendum in Kashmir(thank God he wasn’t a minister otherwise it would have been a disaster for India at international level).

I have said this earlier and I guess I was right when I said AK is nothing else but a super ambitious person who will do anything to get in to power. Now, the only thing remaining is to see whether his ambition is to make country better(which he says) or it is for himself(which I have been feeling) and till now all his and party members actions point to the later.

 I know most of you will be thinking why a lazy person like me made the effort to write all this but I am actually made to think by most of the people I meet as they still keep saying it’s a party with a difference and I am unable to find any difference. It said it’ll pass a strong Jan Lokpal(yes they rarely said Lok Ayukta) in 15 days. Today 15 working days are over and it is yet to utter a word on the same. I did all this so that someone points out what am I missing and I am convinced too. Its said there was a time when most of India was converted in to Buddhism and Shankarachaya would debate with people on religion on the condition that whoever looses will have to convert to the winner’s religion. May be I too get converted in to AAP fan( I think AAP is going through a Salman Khan phase where whatever they do will be super hit).


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